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The out-of-the-box PLM+PDM for lean hardware teams

Manage your CAD files, BOMs, engineering changes, and part procurement all in one place.
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ProdTrace has been a game changer for us at Pocket Radar. Our previous tools for handling BOM's and ECR/ECO's were complicated to explain to new members of the team due to complex workflows and full of human error. The tools that we were using weren't designed for this sort of work and required highly customized workarounds and several programs to get the job done. Using ProdTrace has allowed for a streamlined and integrated BOM, ECR and ECO management platform resulting in work that can be delegated so I can focus on bigger picture tasks.

Director of Hardware Engineering, Pocket Radar

CAD-agnostic PDM

Synchronize ProdTrace with your files from any CAD by leveraging cloud storage solutions you already use like Google Drive or OneDrive

Files changed locally in your CAD tool are automatically pulled into ProdTrace with version history

Check in / check out files to prevent simultaneous edits

AI-assisted spreadsheet import to pull in any BOM in seconds

Supercharged BOM Management

Move from messy disparate spreadsheets to a tightly revision controlled BOM management system without losing customizability or ease of use


Fully customizable schema with dynamic columns and git-like version control for parts and assemblies


Real-time supply chain data built-in from parts distributers such as Digikey and Octopart


Easily propagate changes to other BOMs

Procurement linked to your email

Built on top of the communication channels you already use

Connect your Gmail or Outlook and send RFQs and POs with up-to-date BOMs and files

Inventory management built in

Suppliers don't need to create any new accounts

AI-powered Search

An AI powered search that indexes all your data so you can make decisions faster


Instantly find what you're looking for across items, ECOs, files, purchase orders, and more


Our AI answers natural language questions directly within search


Direct links to the sources from which the answer was generated

Manage BOM to procurement with ProdTrace

One end-to-end solution

Don't spend money on multiple systems that are not integrated or synchronized.

Eliminate costly miscommunications

Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars procuring outdated designs.

Synchronize your whole team

Save >10 hours per engineer per week with a highly collaborative system.

See how we can manage all your PLM and PDM needs in one unified platform