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The out-of-the-box PLM+PDM for lean hardware teams

Manage your CAD files, BOMs, engineering changes, and part procurement all in one place.
Trusted by engineering and operations teams at
and many more....

Don't miss a supplier or design update

ProdTrace AI tracks and organizes all your supplier communication over email and identifies any changes to lead times or costs.

Track all relevant supplier email communication and files exchanged across your whole team

Never miss an update that affects your lead time, cost, or design

ProdTrace automatically determines what data is out of sync across your PLM, ERP, Excel sheets, and more

Trace changes across multiple systems in one place

See every change that is made to documents that are linked to ProdTrace and be notified of other documents that may be affected.


Full changelog across all your linked documents: BOMs, spreadsheets, CAD files, PDFs, and mores


Track changes across your email, Google Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox, PLM, and ERP in one place


ProdTrace AI shows you what documents may also be affected by each change or email update

Keep using Excel

We love Excel as much as you. Simply link your Excel files and other documents to ProdTrace via our many cloud storage, PLM, PDM, and ERP integrations

Track documents like production planning spreadsheets that may not typically be controlled by a PLMs

No need to manually move any documents over

Integrates seamlessly with your PDM, PLM, and/or ERP system

Customizable Trace Reports

Build customizable reports for each role to keep your internal and external teams synchronized.


All relevant changes and issues are automatically to each report


Customize reports and when they get sent out for your engineering, procurement, and supplier teams


Dive deeper into changes and issues using our dashboard

Keep your NPI on track with ProdTrace

Integrates seamlessly with your systems

Ingest data from your PLM, PDM and/or ERP. We handle the integrations.

Eliminate costly miscommunications

Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars procuring outdated designs.

Synchronize your whole team

Save >10 hours per engineer per week with a highly collaborative system.

Ensure you never miss an update to your designs, lead times or costs