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Building the next generation of software tooling for companies building hardware

At ProdTrace, we’re not just a company - we’re a team of innovators transforming the way software tools are used by engineers building hardware

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Why we started?

We started ProdTrace for a straightforward reason – current software tooling used by hardware companies from startups to massive enterprises needs an upgrade. Most of this software was designed in the early 2000s, has very little automation, does not work well with more modern tools used by engineers and requires 4-6 months of implementation and training to get up and running. To start we are building a traceability platform that integrates with your PDM, PLM, ERP, spreadsheet and CAD that allows you track changes across all these systems and keep your NPI on track.

Our vision

What we are working towards is an integrated software stack that allows engineers building hardware to take a design from prototype CAD to production without having to build and maintain complex integrations and connectors. By building this stack to seamlessly ingest and output data to existing software tools used by engineers and operations managers we will also greatly reduce the time to implementation..

Leadership Team

Saelig Khattar

Co-founder & CEO of ProdTrace. Previously, did growth and built data products for YouTube Premium at Google. He completed his MS & BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and Cornell University respectively.

Jana Mithrakumar

Co-founder & CTO of ProdTrace. Previously, designed AI accelerator chips at SambaNova Systems, edge inference electronics at Google and supply chain automation robots at Dexterity. He holds a MS & BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford Unversity.

Ensure you never miss an update to your designs, lead times or costs